Christ Church, North Shields

Serving the community of North Shields since 1668

Christ Church North Shields, Preston Road, North Shields, NE29 0LW, Tel: 0191 258 6653, email: [email protected]

Our Mission

Reaching out with God’s Love


• To reach out to our diverse community with a variety of events & services

• To develop a culture of welcome

• To discover more about our community and its needs

• To build on existing social and worship activities

• To develop new links and events for adults and children

• To develop strategies to hep members of the congregation get to know each other

• To support people in their call to be a Christian Monday-Friday

• To have effective attractive well targeted communications & publicity

• To have buildings that provide an accessible, well maintained and attractive space for worship and events.

Engaging with families and

Young people


•  To engage creatively with those young people and families who already have contact with the church including schools, Uniformed organisations, Sunday Schools,

Baptism Families, Activity Mornings.


•  To increase our awareness of young people’s perspectives


•  To create an environment in which more young people and families feel welcome and affirmed

Growing in Faith and Fellowship


• To grow in faith and fellowship

• To have a deepening awareness of prayer

• To be able to share and reflect on our experiences of faith & life

• To deepen our knowledge and appreciation of: The Bible, The Church & its Worship life including the variety of Church music

• To be more confident in our faith

• To be more aware of and responsive to each other

• To develop a shared  sense of pastoral responsibility